Institute of Physics in Berlin-Adlershof - Urban Ecological Model Project

The Project

Within the framework of the Berlin Programme for Urban Ecological Model Projects commissioned by the Berlin Senate for Urban Development, a working team consisting of experts and scientists from the TU Berlin, the Humboldt University, and the University of Applied Sciences Neubrandenburg has scientifically monitored and evaluated the project.

This research is designed to draw up recommendations for an optimal and economical management of the building’s mechanical systems with an emphasis on an innovative and sustainable use of the resources water and energy as well as on the reduction of operating costs.

The project includes among other things an ongoing monitoring of the water consumption of different plant species of the façade greening system and of resultant evaporative cooling along with its effects on the overall energy consumption of the building. In this project, irrigation is controlled and monitored by an internet-assisted computer system. Temperature and radiation measurements assist in analysing economic and ecological effects of these systems. In addition to the monitoring, this model project is integrated into research projects designed to evaluate energy concepts for office buildings in the context of studies being done by the Institute for Building and Solar Technologies at the Technical University of Braunschweig.

The monitoring, evaluation, optimisation and documentation of project-related experience should provide basic conditions for the longterm implementation and further development of innovative and economic technologies. Practical results and user-oriented findings are worked out and documented for future projects to support their design, construction, operation and maintenance.


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