Institute of Physics in Berlin-Adlershof - Urban Ecological Model Project

The Building


Address Newtonstraße 15, 12498 Berlin Adlershof, Germany
History The building resulted from an architectural competition held in 1997
Architects Georg Augustin, Ute Frank, Berlin
Landscape Architects Stefan Tischer, Joerg Th. Coqui, Berlin
Construction Period 1999 - 2003
Builder / Owner Land Berlin, represented by the Senate for Urban Development, Department V. The project received financial support from the Federal Republic of Germany as a joint initiative for the construction of universities.
Realization Senatsverwaltung für Stadtentwicklung, Abteilung V
User Humboldt University of Berlin, Institute of Physics
Usable floor area 9.700 m²
Total ground surface area 19.000 m²
Total interior volume 74.000 m²
  Received the Berlin Architectural Award in the year 2003

The Institute of Physics of the Humboldt University Berlin is an exceptional project of ecological urban development featuring various innovations of sustainable construction. The focus of the project is on a concept of decentralised rainwater management, building greening and elements for cooling and ventilation.

Rainwater is stored in cisterns and used to irrigate a façade greening system and to generate evaporative cooling in air conditioners. Extra water is collected in a pond in the building's courtyard allowing the water to either evaporate or drain into the ground.

Institute of Physics
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